Friday, August 5, 2011

Milk & Cookies Party

This party started out as a quiet dinner just for family.  Then someone mentioned a Milk & Cookie party and knew I had to use this theme.  It was perfect for my little Emily who was turning three.  The child drinks a gallon of milk a week and loves everything sweet.  I blame it on the fact that I never let her have sugar when she was very young (remember the post about her first birthday cake - applesauce cake with no sugar).  I guess when she finally got her first taste, she knew she had to make up for lost time!    Also, this type party made it easy on me as I had my mom and sister make batches of cookies to help.
Guests were greeted at the door by an "E" for Emily made of Cookie Crisp.  I left it up for a couple of days after the party because when you walked in the front door, you got a whiff of cookies!

These are sugar cookies and I used edible markers on homemade white sugar cookie icing to write "MILK".

This was a FABULOUS recipe but very rich.  Thanks to Food Network for another great recipe.  I had to double the amount of chocolate ganache on top in order to get an even coat.  Also my first time working with fondant and I was pretty surprised at how easy it was!   

Emily's outfit was designed by Etsy seller, BellaGrace Creations.   Doesn't she look cute with her hand on her hip?!

I didn't let anyone escape without taking home a bag of cookies and a milk.  Emily had a wonderful birthday.  I can't believe she's already 3!!!

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  1. Super cute!! Love the pics of Emily too, what a doll!


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