Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sushi Bonding

I am loving the age/stage that Emily is in right now.  I can teach and tell her things and she actually comprehends what I'm saying.  Yes- teaching is an everyday part of life and yes- I realize that kids absorb alot they are taught without verbalizing.  But I am an instant gratification kind of gal!  I really like the positive feedback when she asks questions about something we just did or she repeats to Matt what I told her in the car.  She's also old enough to take new places and not have to worry (usually) about having a potty accident or that she will have a melt down if she doesn't get her 1pm nap.  She's a little person instead of a baby so I find myself wanting to expose and show her everything! 

One of my goals this spring is to get Emily out of her chicken nugget comfort zone.  As a family we eat pretty healthy.  Maybe lacking a little in the vegetable department but we rarely eat fast food or go out to eat.  I made all of Emily's baby food and exposed her to different and even exotic foods from an early age.  Somewhere along the way though, she decided to become a picky eater and if a food looked new, it was not good.  She also went through a stage when eating itself was overrated.  At that point I was just happy to get her to eat something and hence the chicken nugget comfort zone emerged.  I don't ever want food to be an issue or a big deal so I haven't pushed.  This spring though I want to do more with our garden and make food fun.  Sort of like those cute bento boxes where they have the food cut up to look like animals or people.  Like this:

I really can't see myself going all our or making elaborate scenes with food.  That just takes too much time but a little creativity goes along way in munchkin land.  Tonight we had sushi.  Here is mommies yummy plate:

And here's Emily's version.  Just strips of bread spread with cream cheese and ham wrapped around cucumber sticks and cheese.  Bon appetit! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Llama Llama Red Pajama Party

My best friend's daughter turned one this year.  I just loved the fact that I had another beautiful little girl to help plan a party for!  John & Kelley call her "Baby Bug" so I first thought a bug theme was in store but then decided that would be better for when she was a little older and able to hold a magnifying glass (yes, I have already started thinking of activities!).  I absolutely love the Llama Llama series by Anna Dewdney and since llamas were always sort of a joke with Kelley and I in college, Kelley decided that it was a good idea.  Then, we found these red pajamas on and decided it was a PERFECT idea!

Cecilia's invitation complete with Llama Llama appearance in a paper red pajama.

The food table.  Since Cecilia was born in January (yes, I am super late posting) we had decided to do a hot chocolate bar.  We weren't planning for it to be 70 degrees in North Carolina!!!

The FABULOUS fondant cake topper from Edible Details.  She does wonderful work that I have always admired on facebook and was so excited that she agreed to make her interpretation of a llama in red pajamas.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Bacon Me Crazy!

Happy Valentine's Day!!  I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's.  Not that I have anything against it but I have always felt it was just a commercial holiday invented to stimulate the economy after Christmas.  That being said, I actually got excited about the holiday this year.  Maybe its because Emily is old enough to participate and do cute heart stuff.  I made Matt a special breakfast as he is such a wonderful husband. 

I am SO proud of Emily.  Look how well she wrote "Dad".  Hmmmm...I'm seeing a pattern that the cool breakfast and Valentine's are going to Daddy....

We decorated cookies last night so we would have a fun Valentine's dessert today.  Emily was definitely in her element.  Poor Lindsay gets the short end of the stick since she is still too little to decorate cookies or Valentines without eating the glitter but I will give her a piece of cookie tonight and she will be happy.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Love my babies....and Matt!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Shower Inspiration

I love a party.  I love even more a UNIQUE party.  So when my good friend Shanna asked me for some ideas about what to do for a baby shower I decided to search the web (and Pinterest) for creative ideas.  The mother-to-be has chosen blue and lime green as the nursery colors and the invitations that were sent have jungle animals.  I have done the decorating onesies activity and I love that but the mother-to-be just had a shower and that was the activity.  Each shower must be different!!!

This is a cute jungle themed baby shower from ellinee.  Best part - they have FREE download shower kit! 

I love anything that has to do with children's books.  I think the older I get, the more sentimental I become!  A Curious George book as the guest book for a jungle themed baby shower is perfect!  Featured on Oh Baby! Shower Decor.

Granted these are pink but you could easily change the ribbon for a boy.  Who doesn't love animal crackers?!?!  Easy favor.  You could also put a bunch is a big vase and have guests guess how many there are.  Just don't forget to count them yourself before the party!  Featured on Kara's Party Ideas.

Great and unique dessert table featuring everyone's favorite pregnancy craving - ice cream!  Cravings Baby Shower by the High Heeled Hostess

LOVE!  Decorating baby blocks.  This shower was designed by Kate Landers and featured by Loralee Lewis.  I love alot of the simple classic details of this shower.


Pea in the Pod baby shower featured at Half Baked

Great activity especially if you have children coming to the shower.  Everyone colors a coloring book letter.  After the shower, you have they bound and laminated as a special book for baby.  Featured on Bump Smitten

This is perfect for my US Weekly friends who always know the latest celebrity gossip.  Featured on Southern in the City

I love this activity/present for the mother-to-be from Mustard and Sage.  Have friends and family write one thing they can't wait for him/her to experience - first time fishing, first McDonald's french fry, seeing mama's face for the first time, etc. 
Can't wait to see what she decides to do for the shower and pictures of the big day!!

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