Meet the Family

Well if you follow my blog, you will likely hear about the most important people in my life: my husband Matt, my oldest daughter Emily, and my youngest daughter Lindsay.  I only thought it fair to introduce you to them. 

Matt and I met while interning for Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Greenville, NC.  I was a senior at East Carolina University and both of us were dating other people.  I guess when its right you know as we were engaged seven months later and married eight months after that.  Everyone thought we were crazy and I can't say its always been an easy road but he's my biggest supporter and my rock.  I don't know what I would do without him!

Even though we got married super fast, we realized we were not mature enough to have children right off the bat.  Sometimes I still doubt whether we ever reached that maturity level but regardless, Emily Logan was born five years later.  She is a beautiful child inside and out with platinum blond hair, blue eyes and the most compassionate heart.  Emily is everything I ever wanted in a girl and at the age of three already has a very impressive necklace and shoe collection.  She loves dresses, twirly skirts and princesses but isn't afraid to get dirty.  Whenever music is playing, she has to dance.  Of course pink is her favorite color.

Lindsay is the baby.  Her due date was Christmas Eve but she decided to surprise us by putting me into labor on Thanksgiving.  I thought I had just ate too much turkey and Matt's mom thought we were calling to tell her about the Black Friday sales when we were on the way to the hospital!  Now she is nine months old and is my cute little sack of potatoes!  Honestly, my babies like to eat and are chunky monkeys when they are little.  Lindsay loves to smile and is a very happy baby.  When not smiling though she has this super serious look and always pokes out her bottom lip.  I can cry at the drop of a hat and I sometimes tear up when looking at her.  I know this window of utter innocence and trust is fleeting and I so miss Emily's chubby cheeks and drooly look of adoration.  Due to this fact, I take lots of pictures.  I mean ALOT of pictures.
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