Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rainbow Day

I just love getting messy with food, don't you?  This weekend we decided to focus on rainbows as it rained nonstop the week before.  We checked out "A Rainbow of my Own" by Don Freeman at the library.  Very cute book!
A Rainbow of My Own
Then we decided to paint.  I used a recipe from Pinterest that was non-toxic since I was mainly working with Lindsay.  I knew that most of her "art" would end up in her mouth.  Super easy and used things that I had around the house.  Condensed milk mixed with drops of food coloring.  It actually goes on the paper and dries shiney.  Do note that it takes a LONG time to dry.  Lindsay enjoyed painting but quickly lost interest as a butterfly fluttered by or an airplane flew overhead.  I will try this again with Emily who will appreciate the "sparkle" of the condensed milk. 
What rainbow day is complete without whipped cream!  Lindsay's lunch consisted of strawberries, shredded cheese, banana slices, broccolli (which only was included to make the rainbow correct as Linds didn't touch it), blueberries and grapes with whipped cream clouds.
Bon appetit!
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