Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Apple for the Teacher

I think I am slightly obsessed with cake pops now.  I decided last Friday that I wanted to create a teacher's gift for Emily's 2-year-old class teachers as a thank you, a gift for Emily's new 3-year-old teachers as a welcome, and a gift for Lindsay's nanny, Donna.  She is a baby whisperer - she deserves lots of thank you presents. 

Anyways, cake pops are cute, highly customizable, taste great, look classy in display, and aren't that hard to make!  have to admit there was a learning curve which my pictures will definitely attest to but I now have to buy Bakerella's "Cake Pops" book.  You can also check out her website for tutorials and recipes.  I even dreamed about them last.  I kept imagining all the cute little characters I could create and the parties I could plan AROUND them.  For example, how cute would a sheep, pig, chick cake pops be at a farmyard kids party?  Precious, right?! Now if I just find a place that sold the candy coating in bulk I would be one happy girl. 

Below is the first cake pop I tried.  It did not turn out pretty.  I didn't even bother to stick the pretzel stem in it.  Matt enjoyed tasting the mistakes though!  

Such a more appetizing end product! 

Add an Air Head green "leaf", wrapping and ribbon and you have one cute Apple! 

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  1. Great job!!! I've been dying to try making them!!


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