About Me

Life is a Party.  It is not a journey.  Journeys make me think of riding in the backseat of a Subaru for fourteen hours to get to Disney World.  A party makes me think of cake and balloons and I would much rather have that perceptive when thinking about my days!

I am a born and breed Southern working gal with a wonderful husband (who cooks!) and two fabulous little girls.  I have spent seven years as a corporate meeting planner but my heart lies in smaller parties like kid's birthdays or bridal showers.  This blog will be a chronicle of my life as I try to balance my corporate day job, my passion for crafting, my new business of party planning, and spending time with my children.  I have SO many ideas and my hope is this blog will inspire you to plan your next party or kid's craft.

A party doesn't have to be an elaborate affair with every detail organized (even though that is my specialty), a party can also be as simple as cookies and fingerpaints one rainy Sunday afternoon.  A party to me is a feeling of happiness so strive to fill every day with a little party!


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