Friday, February 24, 2012

Llama Llama Red Pajama Party

My best friend's daughter turned one this year.  I just loved the fact that I had another beautiful little girl to help plan a party for!  John & Kelley call her "Baby Bug" so I first thought a bug theme was in store but then decided that would be better for when she was a little older and able to hold a magnifying glass (yes, I have already started thinking of activities!).  I absolutely love the Llama Llama series by Anna Dewdney and since llamas were always sort of a joke with Kelley and I in college, Kelley decided that it was a good idea.  Then, we found these red pajamas on and decided it was a PERFECT idea!

Cecilia's invitation complete with Llama Llama appearance in a paper red pajama.

The food table.  Since Cecilia was born in January (yes, I am super late posting) we had decided to do a hot chocolate bar.  We weren't planning for it to be 70 degrees in North Carolina!!!

The FABULOUS fondant cake topper from Edible Details.  She does wonderful work that I have always admired on facebook and was so excited that she agreed to make her interpretation of a llama in red pajamas.  

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