Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Bacon Me Crazy!

Happy Valentine's Day!!  I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's.  Not that I have anything against it but I have always felt it was just a commercial holiday invented to stimulate the economy after Christmas.  That being said, I actually got excited about the holiday this year.  Maybe its because Emily is old enough to participate and do cute heart stuff.  I made Matt a special breakfast as he is such a wonderful husband. 

I am SO proud of Emily.  Look how well she wrote "Dad".  Hmmmm...I'm seeing a pattern that the cool breakfast and Valentine's are going to Daddy....

We decorated cookies last night so we would have a fun Valentine's dessert today.  Emily was definitely in her element.  Poor Lindsay gets the short end of the stick since she is still too little to decorate cookies or Valentines without eating the glitter but I will give her a piece of cookie tonight and she will be happy.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Love my babies....and Matt!

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