Monday, October 10, 2011

No Kids Surprise!

My husband, Matt, turned 30 at the end of last month.  I had always planned to do some big party for him when he turned 30.  We were dating when he turned 21 and I can't remember everything but I vaguely recall getting mad at him for some stupid college nonsense and ruining his birthday.  Therefore I definitely wanted his next big birthday to be special.  Well of course with my luck, his birthday would fall on a Monday and I had a work thing in Canada the weekend before AND we are broke!

It's amazing how my priorities have changed since our college days.  Back then, all you needed for a great birthday was a keg, maybe a band or at least a drunk guy with a guitar and a bunch of people.  Since Matt had the girls all weekend the weekend before, I figured a perfect party for him would be NO kids.  Kids are a package deal with some moms so I decided to just do a guy's night.  I decided to keep it a surprise and conspired with his friend to ask a bunch of his guys friends over for a night of football (ECU vs. UNC), bourbon, beer, and bar food.  Since I was trying to keep everything under wraps I wasn't able to make as much of the cool decorations that I normally do.  Also, we are talking about guys here and I figured if I went too overboard on the cute napkins or straws, they may think I was a little crazy, or worse, not NOTICE!  So I focused my little time on sweets and his beloved UNC.

Everything went off without a hitch and Matt was very surprised.  He had a great night and I am so thankful for those who came out and left their families at home to show him some 30 love.


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