Saturday, October 8, 2011

Booze It Up & Then Make a Stamp

Okay, I don't drink that much wine.  Don't get me wrong, I love a great big glass of light chardonnay after a hard day and red wine and sushi were the two things I craved the most while pregnant.  (No hate mail please as I didn't eat any sushi while pregnant and just a little bit of red wine!)  I do have to say I was very tempted to try the sushi though.  I mean, pregnant ladies in Japan eat it all the time and their babies are just fine!

I digress.  I worked at Zest Cafe and Home Art part-time for years.  This is a cute-as-can-be little restaurant with a gift shop filled with unique items that you can't find elsewhere.  I spent way more at the store than I earned in salary.  I started collecting the wine corks after the night shift as I figured there should be tons of things I could do with them.  Ideas of cork boards, trivets, and foot mats filled my head.  Thank goodness this was before Pinterest or my entire house would be cork!  Anyways, most of them just accumulated in a bag.

Three years and two kids later I finally figured out something else to do with those corks - stamps!  Champagne corks are the perfect shape for little hands as they have the easy to hold knob on top.  I then used a utility knife to carefully cut out a shape.  I'm usually too cheap to buy the good champagne that has an actual cork instead of a screw top so in the future I am going to apply the same premise to wine corks.  These were left over from my relatively rich pre-kid days.


Old pencils with erasers make great small stamps too.

Moral of the story - next time you are at the grocery store, you can splurge on good champagne knowing that you and your kids will get some use out of it!

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