Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooktacular Wildtree Tasting Party

Food and nutrition is very important to me.  I tried to be very conscious with Emily of what I was eating when I was pregnant and that it had as little preservatives and additives as possible (I was more lax with Lindsay and maybe that's why I gained 40 pounds!).  Since I work in the chiropractic field, I see the importance and hear lectures on nutrition all the time.  When my neighbor became a rep for Wildtree Herbs, I knew I would be hosting a party!  Usually I avoid parties like the plague.  I always feel obligated to buy something and then feel obligated to go to other peoples parties when they come to mine and its just a vicious cycle.  Wildtree is different though.  I felt good to make them obligated to buy as I hope that maybe instead of stopping in the McDonald's drive-thru, they will head back home and make a Wildtree product.  All items are natural and additives and preservative free.  Since Halloween is right around the corner, I decided to do a Spooktacular Tasting Party! 

Below is one of those party ideas that I had seen on Pinterest and was dying to try.  Gummy worms frozen into ice cubes.  I added these to a picture of water for a little Halloween "flair".  I think these would be a great addition to Koolaid or individual water glasses but the ice cubes melted way too quickly in the pitcher and then we were left with a gummy worms sticking to the bottom and giving the water a weird taste. 

Super easy Halloween wine glasses made with Duck tape. 

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