Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

I'm playing blog catch up.  I have SO much stuff to write about but just haven't had time.  First the funk has circulated through the entire house.  Lindsay is absolutely pitiful when she is sick.  She only wants to be held and I just can't tell a snotty baby no.  Right when the kids got sick, I had to leave for a work trip in Vancouver.  That is the first time that I have ever left them sick.  I think I was more of a wreck than they were!  Matt did a great job though and of course NiNi came to the rescue.

Vancouver was a work trip but I tried to make the most of it.  I kept hearing that it was a beautiful city and it was.  I just wish I had the time/opportunity to see the natural areas around the city.  Our hotel was in the heart of downtown so I woke up early and went for a walk.  I was trying to save money and packed very light (which I was very proud of myself for!) but the tennis shoes got the cut from the suitcase list.  I was thinking that I always bring exercise clothes on work trips and never use them so.... I left them at home.  Of course this is the one trip where I walked at least two miles each day.  My feet were totally black and blue as I wore Jack Rogers the entire time!

On one of my afternoon walks, I discovered a little piece of sugar heaven, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  After visiting their website when I got back home, I found out there are two stores very close to me!  My tailor is going to be very happy as I am going to put on at least 15 pounds this winter!!   I am slightly obsessed with candy apples during the fall and I loved all their variations! 


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