Tuesday, December 6, 2011

North Pole Breakfast

Emily is 3 1/2 so this is the first year that she really "gets" Christmas.  I have been counting down the months until I could start talking to her about Christmas....and also for using "Santa is watching".  Elf on the Shelf is all over Pinterest and the web these days and I have to agree that it is awesome.  I can't wait until next year when I can do fun things like stage a snowball fight with Emily's toys and the elf or have the elf turn the milk green.  This year I thought just a simple introduction to the elf and his "magic" would be enough to absorb.  So this year we started a new family tradition of North Pole breakfast with a visit from our family elf.  Wonderful timing as NBC had a new Elf on the Shelf cartoon on the night before!


Our special breakfast consisted of orange glazed rolls and hot cocoa with chocolate mint marshmallows.  And coffee for mommy and daddy of course. 

The rolls were a big hit with both Lindsay and Emily.  Lindsay may have no clue whats going on but she likes the new additions to her diet!
The holidays are about memories and traditions.  I want my kids to look back at their childhood and think, "Wow, we had a lot of special moments.  Remember when...."  And, if they inherit their memory from their mother (I have a fabulous short-term memory but don't remember the street address of my first home or whether or not my childhood house had a chimney) then they can rest assure that mommy-dearest has every tradition and milestone documented.  Behold, Emily's first sip of cocoa.....

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