Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Basket

I am SOOO proud of the Easter baskets I made for Emily and Lindsay this year.  They both have wooden traditional Easter baskets where the Easter bunny leaves their goodies.  I wanted them to have something soft for Easter egg hunts where they could hit other kids without leaving splinters or a boo boo.  Both can tend to be a little aggressive when it comes to competition.

Each girl has her name bonded to the right ear.  Really wish Lindsay had a shorter name, or I had a Silhouette machine as the tracing and cutting was a pain...but so worth it!

My inspiration came from a little basket I saw in Chasing Fireflies.
There are tutorials on-line with how to make a felt basket but I practiced my new mantra "Just because you can/could make it, doesn't mean you should", and instead bought two. had these 8 in. white felt baskets by Total Class Creative for only $3.99.  Can't beat that!  I then used cut out two felt ears for each basket and used Ultra-Bond to permanently attach the fabric letters for their name on one ear.  Two black buttons for eyes, a pink felt triangle sewn on for a nose, and a hand-stitched mouth completed the face.  I then used a blanket stitch (followed this awesome tutorial by Futuregirl Craft) for the pretty stitching around the opening of the basket and the ears.  Can't wait to see the girls get their egg hunting groove on with these baskets!! 

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